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MAR 19, 2022

This week we held the Crestline Leadership Summit near our office in Indiana. Held at the Hotel Tango Distillery in Zionsville, the summit saw executive members of the Crestline Construction team come together for two days of training and team building. James Wilson, President of Development discussed efforts this year by CSC Development and how Construction will be involved. Construction President Dustin McClain had several talks on topics ranging from inter-company communication to leadership techniques. Senior VP of Operation David Younghans led a discussion of strengths & weaknesses in the company and how we will address them with a five-year-plan. Vice President Evan Crouch gave a presentation on Procore, its importance to company operations, and how to find some of the more useful tools. This meaningful dialogue allowed employees to openly discuss operations and be involved in how the company will grow moving forward.


For teambuilding, we travelled over to the Indiana Gun Club in Fishers for a little competitive clay shooting. Experienced shooters and rookies took to the range during an afternoon of perfect sunny weather. Following was a team dinner at El Lago Mexican Restaurant. A break from the normal work grind let the team spend time together without the weight of responsibility and allowed for meaningful connection beyond the workday.

As Crestline Construction continues to grow, it is vital that our executive members have a common understanding of the company operations and how to implement those on a day-to-day basis. Events like the leadership summit not only allows for direct interface among employees that are spread across different regions, but also provide mutual techniques that will apply company wide. We have more event planned for this year as we focus on building new projects and continuing to expand to new markets.

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