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Crestline Construction's Executive team has experience in the management of multiple projects across the US. Understanding the support needed at remote sites is a strength of Crestline Construction and sets us apart from other companies.Operating procedures are consistent from project to project at Crestline and every step of our construction process is planned with specific reporting and internal inspections that ensure strict adherence to "The Crestline Way." "The Crestline Way" is a tested formula that allows for predictable, positive results on every project. To put it simply, Crestline follows the "inspect what you expect" motto each and every day. If one expects that a project will remain on-schedule and on-budget, one must perform with the mindset that every task must be checked and rechecked to ensure timely completion and proper quality. At Crestline, each project is managed with the same formula, right down to how the job trailer is set up. We believe that prior planning produces better results. Planning is an essential part of our formula, however without execution there is no hope for success. Crestline manages all projects by measuring the execution on a daily basis. This allows for real time adjustments to the project flow that greatly improves the odds of a successful project.



RESPECT: We approach each project from the perspective of our clients, understanding the needs and business objectives of each client.

QUALITY: "The Crestline Way" ensures quality builds every time.

SAFETY: We put certain measures in place to ensure the safety of everyone on the construction site. From safety compliance checks to safety training, the safety of our crew is a top priority.

RESULTS: We believe that prior planning produces better results.

CREATE PARTNERSHIPS: It's our commitment to earn and retain the trust and confidence of the people we serve.







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