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DEC 31, 2021

Despite the many difficulties that are present across the construction industry, Crestline has grown and faced head on the challenges of 2021.


In Union City, Indiana, Crestline Construction completed the historic refurbishment of the Backstay Factory building to create the brand-new Backstay Lofts. Located in the heart of Union City, Backstay Lofts hold the distinct water tower that can be seen from around town. Landscaping and exterior work gave building façade a much-needed face lift, having sat abandoned for many decades. The interior buildouts resulted in 50 unique apartment units, ranging from one to three bedrooms. Integrating the industrial look with a modern feel has created distinct living for residents.

Crestline Construction also initiated our expansion into the southeast region. Opening a new office in Charlotte, North Carolina gave the Southeast team a place to manage our first endeavor in the region: Holding Village. Part of the larger development effort, Holding Village includes thirteen newly constructed buildings that will hold 320 units. Holding Village represents a long desire to break into the southeast, and we believe our team in Charlotte will continue to display the Crestline work ethic as they complete Holding Village and look toward our upcoming projects in the Carolinas.

The multi-site project in Urbana, Ohio has progressed, with the two school buildings being handed off for leasing and management. The historic Douglas Inn is in the final step to be complete and will represent a revitalization of a major local landmark that also provides a needed service of affordable living space.

In downtown Evansville, Indiana, the former YMCA building has been converted into a four-floor apartment structure directly on the town square. A great location that has been unused for many years, Central Lofts characterizes the growth of Evansville and the needed future housing. While its location and old trappings posed unique challenges during construction, our team has stayed focused and achieved magnificent results. We are very excited to hand off the project for opening early next year.

In Evansville, after the Shoe Show – Phase was completed in 2020, we completed the Shoe Show – Phase 2 buildout at the Eastland Mall, representing an expansion of special projects outside of residential endeavors. We continue to find unique opportunities as we expand the company into a wide-reaching entity.

HERE'S TO 2022:

We cannot predict all the obstacles that will come our way in 2022, but we do know that with our team of intrepid workers, strengthened by The Crestline Way philosophy, will be able to meet any challenge and provide the best results.

We look forward to the new year and the prospects it will bring. Happy 2022 from Crestline Construction.

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