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Year in Review 2023

2023 was another year of growth and opportunity for Crestline Construction.  While the multi-family industry continued to present unique challenges with supply chains, labor, and volatile inflation, the knowledge and skill of our team saw us navigate through the storms to achieve the predictable, positive results for which we always strive.  


We broke ground on our first project in the Alabama market: The Rivi. While many hurdles arose in starting the project, we have now completed the clubhouse, and the residential buildings are being framed. A short drive from the gulf coast, The Rivi will represent much needed housing in the quickly growing Foley market.  


In Plainfield, Indiana, Apex at Perry Crossing entered Phase Two, which saw the remainder of residential structures completed alongside the Phase One buildings completed in 2022. Part of a hotbed market close the Indianapolis International Airport, Apex at Perry Crossing expands a commercial district that has seen major transformation in recent years.  


In Wake Forest, North Carolina, we saw the completion of The Pace Apartments, part of the larger Holding Village development. Our very first project in North Carolina, The Pace includes 320 units throughout 11 buildings. Joining other residential developments, The Pace exemplifies needed multi-family housing in areas of economic growth.  


We continued our partnership with Shoe Show, completing various mall build-outs for their Shoe Dept stores. These embody a different arm of our work, showing sets of skills for commercial projects.  


As we anticipate the future, we will leverage the valuable lessons acquired in the past year to position ourselves for success. Although 2024 will undoubtedly bring its distinctive challenges, we are confident in the capabilities of our exceptional team to persevere and sustain our track record of success. We express gratitude to our dedicated staff, owners, partners, and subcontractors, recognizing that our achievements are intricately linked to their prosperity. The entire Crestline Construction team extends warm wishes for a rewarding and productive year, and we look forward to a joyful 2024. See you in the new year! 

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