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FEB 19, 2021

Crestline Construction is excited to announce the addition of Harshitha Adapala as one of our Project Engineers. Harshitha graduated from the University of North Carolina Charlotte with master's degree in Construction and Facilities Management. Her inspiration to join the construction field was her father as she grew up seeing him working on construction projects. The most exciting part for her is that she gets to learn a lot of new things in the construction industry, such as how to be determined, strong and try to learn something new every day.


As a Project Engineer with Crestline, she is responsible for a multitude of tasks such as:

  • Maintaining project documents, specifications, etc. for all projects in progress and ensure the most current set is always available

  • Managing the transfer of all information to and from field personnel

  • Managing project document changes and ensuring timely response for cost/schedule impacts

  • Assisting in ordering project materials and rental equipment from initial PO to invoice approval and application to project

  • Assisting in the creation and submission of project RFI’s and other information needs

  • Completing project submittals based on specifications and scope requirements on project

  • Assuming basic project manager duties on smaller projects in pursuit of advancement to Project Manager

  • Providing feedback on current processes and systems, making strategic suggestions to make adjustments to meet changing demands of industry, and continually striving to develop new ways to improve the business

  • Assisting the project manager on other duties as assigned and required

  • Stable transportation is required to visit jobsite, vendors, etc. as necessary to complete tasks

Harshitha is excited to work with the Crestline team as she gets to learn a lot from everyone here, and we are excited to work with her.


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