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SEP 15, 2021

Crestline Construction is pleased to announce the appointment of David Younghans as our Chief Operating Officer, effective September 13, 2021.

David is an experienced senior operations business leader focused on rapid growth and expansion, strategic planning, and business optimization. He has diverse experience from underground construction to global services delivery, including starting several of his own businesses, and uses an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving and maximizing financial performance. David’s key strengths are mentoring and bringing together diverse teams, enabling them to be effective collaborators and future leaders. David will be responsible for the overall daily operations of Crestline Construction and will work with our senior management team to enhance Crestline's strategic vision and values of all affiliated companies. Crestline Construction is committed to continually improving upon our work relations with our partners and building upon our work environment for the benefit of our employees. In this role, David will take charge of building upon our company's growth and work with our team and partners to bring in new projects. Join us in welcoming David Younghans to our team!

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