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Meet Rick Crouch, our Director of Pre-Construction.

Rick joined our team in 2017 as Director of Pre-Construction. Rick has over 39 years of experience in the construction field, and is a valuable asset on our projects of all types.

Rick is currently serving his 21st year as Chair of the Monroe County Electrical Examining Board. Other highlights include serving on the Indiana State Electrical Board, designing MEP's for multiple architects, and owning a MEP HVAC company for 22 years. Rick holds a Masters electrician license and has a MSHA certification in surface and underground nonmetal mines.

A few fun facts about Rick are:

  • He and his wife own some adorable show dogs and are preservationist breeders of a new to the US dog breed called the Romanian Mioritic Shepards.

  • He enjoys the great outdoors.

  • His favorite saying is, "It's never a problem, just an opportunity."

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