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Lumber: Material for Building Tomorrow

Lumber stands as one of the most vital aspects of any construction project. Referring to the specifically sized wood processed from the raw material, lumber is the skeleton upon which everything else is built. Across the country, the price and supply of lumber affects the wide range of construction, from small houses to multi-family complexes, understanding the utility and market for lumber is fundamental to success.

Lumber holds a reverent place when considering the evolution of industry in human history. The production and use of lumber can be tracked back centuries and a major facet to the economic growth of burgeoning nations. While the processes have become more refined, the vitality of lumber has remained in the forefront of the construction industry.

While not always seen on a finished product, the lumber affects the entirety of most buildings. Most apparent will be during the framing stages of construction. Before dry wall and sidings are installed, the structure is built up from the foundation with wood. The shape and design of the buildings and specific rooms and formed by the wood placement. The presence of strong lumber allows further processes to be done more easily.

Through the Covid pandemic, supply chains were greatly impacted as various industries reacted to novel methods of doing business. Lumber prices more than doubled and delayed the start of projects as budgets were reconsidered. Thanks to our dedicated teams, Crestline was able to adapt to market shifts and find solutions to achieve greatness while working through unique hardships.

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