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Updated: Nov 30, 2020

NOV 25, 2020

Crestline Construction has been on the move in Urbana, OH and is diligently working on a three-property development project: Legacy Place.

At the Douglass Inn and the old Urbana school buildings, we have begun the demo process of tearing out old features and removing different waste. As we clear out the work areas, we have also started on the initial framing work. Contractors have started coming in to plan for the utilities and are ready to get to work! Soon, we will begin work on the exteriors, giving them a much needed aesthetic updates.


We are just at the start, but we remain very excited about the Legacy Place project. With the opportunity to provide functional housing to nearby residents, we believe this development will assist in Urbana's growth.

Check back soon for more updates on Legacy Place and our other Crestline Construction projects currently underway!

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