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MAY 5, 2022

The 4 West project is now underway in Columbia, South Carolina. Starting with groundwork and the erection of major structural columns, 4 West will, in time, represent a needed update to the bustling urban center. Extending upward from a present parking garage structure, 4 West will have commercial space on the first floor, and the top floors will account for 52-multifamily apartment units.



4 West is part of the larger community development plan in Columbia known as Brookland. With the early phases complete, the fourth and final phase will see the work on 4 West meet with the already finished buildings, creating a residential hub that will help Columbia as it grows with new economic opportunity in 2022 and beyond. We are proud to partner on 4 West with developer Estates & Companies ( and help to achieve this vision for a brighter Columbia. Check back soon as we make more progress on 4 West and our other active projects.

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