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NOV 8, 2021

All three winners of the Golden Hard Hat award for October exemplify the team attitude we are nurturing at Crestline Construction, and we are proud to celebrate their work.

Congratulations Saikou Jallow, Golden Hard Hat Award Winner - October 2021

Saikou Jallow receives the Golden Hard Hat for the second time. His intrepid work as a project engineer has opened new opportunities that will pay dividends going into next year.

Congratulations Eddie Pearson, Golden Hard Hat Award Winner - October 2021

Eddie Pearson took on management of the Shoe Show build out in Evansville. He managed the complete that project while working as project engineer on several endeavors.

Congratulations Bo Kornegay, Golden Hard Hat Award Winner - October 2021

Bo Kornegay continues to lead work on the Holding Village project in the Southeast region as assistant superintendent. Our partners on Holding Village recently said that we are the best managed portion on the project, and that can be attributed to the team and Bo's work ethic.

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