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NOV 19, 2020

This year has posed a number of unique challenges for everyone. Challenges that we have seen hinder many businesses and prevent growth. However, where failure might have risen, Crestline Construction continued to see growth.

Our ability to grow and see success amidst the challenges of 2020 is in no small part due to our amazing team. Despite the many difficulties, our team has risen to face each hardship with enduring perseverance and positive attitudes.

Last week, we held an employee Appreciation Day as a way to say thank you to our dedicated, hardworking team. The day started at The Escape Room USA in Indy, where the construction employees divided into two separate teams and raced against each other to see which team could escape "Howies Classics 2016" first. After escaping and enjoying a team lunch, it was time to get down to business - recognizing some of our fellow team members. Dustin Mcclain, President of Crestline Construction, thanked his team for all the hard work they have done so far this year and honored team members with awards befitting of all the effort and care they have put into their duties. Our team was able to end their day by racing go-karts at the K1 Speed in Fishers. Bud Holmes took first place, Austin Dunn took second place, and Jake Grossnickle took third place, although Bud Holmes did have the upper hand as he has raced at K1 Speed before.


The world remains unpredictable, but with the dedicated and hardworking staff that we call family, we know that we are ready to meet any problem that comes our way. Thank you Crestline Construction employees for all that you do!


  • INSPECT WHAT YOU EXPECT - Jake Grossnickle

  • RISING STAR - Skyler Reis

  • CAN DO - Susan Younghans

  • HEART - Keith Roembke

  • RESULTS GETTER - Evan Crouch

  • TEAM FIRST - Pendah Jallow

  • PROJECT TEAM: LAKE MEADOWS 2020 - Evan Crouch, Matt Knotts, Jake Grossnickle, Jason Mascoe

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