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JULY 26, 2021

This past week, Crestline Construction welcomed all our employees to the corporate office for company-wide training. Our field staff from the Midwest and the Southeast regions came together for two days of operating procedures and celebrations.

This was a unique opportunity for our workers, often spread out geographically among different projects, to come together and socialize as we discussed how to achieve the predictable, positive results that defines Crestline’s work. Stuart Meyer, the Director of Field Operations, spoke on creating a culture of safety at job sites. Ray Basile, General Counsel for Crestline, provided insight on contracts and their proper execution. President Dustin McClain and Vice-President Evan Crouch were also able to address the employees and speak on various procedures.


Porkopolis food truck came and provided a fresh BBQ meal after the first day. The training sessions also gave the chance to together celebrate some staff birthdays and acknowledge recent standout workers.

Without our intrepid staff, the work that Crestline Construction does would not be possible. We value everything they bring to the company every day. Their devotion the Crestline Way has helped build the company where it is today and provides the path forward as we continue to expand across the United States.


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