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DEC 17, 2020

The Backstay Lofts in Union City, IN is a refurbishment effort that will give second life to a structure that holds significant historic context for the region. Locals would know the building by its prominent water tower adorning the roof, visible as one drives into town.

The Backstay Welt Company, founded in 1899, ran its business in the building at 401 West Oak Street through most of the twentieth century. Producing welts, gimps and insulating material, Backstay represented the desired, sustained economic presence that helps Midwest towns thrive.

As time has passed, The Backstay Welt Company would eventually fold, but the building it inhabited remained. Decades have passed, and no one has been able to take advantage of the potential the building represented. Now, in 2020, Crestline Construction is leading the way to not just create new utility for the building, but form something that will drive local growth and become a point of civic pride.

Crestline Construction has partnered with AP Development LLC in envisioning a brand-new concept for this long-idle industrial building. Our team is currently active at the Backstay Lofts, completing demo work and cleaning up the site for build-outs. The current plans call for 50 apartment units to be created from the currently open floor plans on the upper floors. On the street level there will be resident amenity spaces with the potential for

commercial areas.

Crestline Construction is excited to work on projects that will revitalize once-abandoned structures that will have a positive impact on local communities for years to come. Check

back soon for more updates on Backstay Lofts as we make more progress!


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