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DEC 22, 2021

The Backstay Welt Co. building had sat abandoned for many years, its ideal location within town going un-utilized. But through the efforts of Crestline Construction, in association with AP Development, the historic refurbishment has been completed and the new Backstay Lofts is now leasing to residents.

The structure of the building was sound, but the interiors and exteriors required much work. Nature had taken hold of the building, with moss and plants growing throughout the structure, along with neglected landscaping.


Plans called for 50 new apartments, ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms, to be built out in the building while maintaining the classic features that gave the structure its unique charm. Along with the residential section, there was area for ‘white box’, commercial buildouts on the first floor. Efforts were made to preserve the water tower adorning the roof as a significant local landmark, visible from miles away.

The refurbishing of an old building poses its own unique challenges. However, the Crestline team was able to meet these difficulties head on and produce a product that will serve the local community and create a long-lasting legacy.

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